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The Goodie Bag Product Images…

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Hi Everyone,

As you all know we have been working on our website for a long time, for over 6 months in-fact.  Our stock product images are all complete and fully watermarked.  I’m also wanting to add the brand’s logo’s to the image and feature their logo above the product, and ours at the bottom.  Hope you enjoy.

– Peter


Peter Coultas | Owner | The Goodie Bag

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FYSH Clothing Co. Drop.

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Hey guys,

Sorry I’m late with this.  FYSH Clothing Co.’s collection dropped on January 16th.  I’ve just been really busy with things lately that I haven’t gotten around to it. 


I will be more frequently updating the blog with new drops, products, brands available, how to spot replica / fake merchandise, and all other updates regarding sales, new products in-stock, etc.


“FYSH Clothing Co. is an underground brand in every sense of the word. Built on the back of it’s four creators we have so far made a small impact in the online community of streetwear. Our daily lives and interests in combination with nautica overtones provide FYSH with an interesting take on clothing. We strive to bring our customers a simplistic style with small bits of flare.”


Dirty Jax 2009 Drop…

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dirty-jax-11Joshua Kimerling’s brand Dirty Jax that can be found all over Facebook, on their website (, and on streetwear online power-house Karmaloop is now available at The Goodie Bag.  More pictures will be updated soon.  Check out our website, and our Facebook group for pictures.  All t-shirts are priced to sell at $30.00.

Nike Dunk High Coraline.

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nike-x-coraline-dunk-movie-props-edition-1A special edition of the Coraline Dunk is predicted to be one of the most unique special editions ever created. The shoes were based on the book Coraline by author Neil Gaiman. These shoes feature a rare hand sewn black visible seam complete with cat and mouse lace locks and tails to match. Movie Director Henry Selick was responsible for the design of the large oversize buttons which will be featured on only 100 pairs and 50 boxes to be sold will contain actual real-life props from the movie including cotton candy. The shoes will be sold in a creative circus-themed box. As if all this extravaganza weren’t enough, the shoes will have glow in the dark outsoles to top off the wacky look. The movie Coraline is set to open in theatres February 6th and to get a pair you have to enter a code that appears at the end of the credits for your chance to win 1 of the 2,000 pairs released in total in the raffle.

Rick Ross – Mafia Music.

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Yoo Everyone, this new joint just dropped over at illRoots.  I’m a big fan of Ricky Ross, even though he used to be a corectional officer haha.  The real Rick Ross and him may have some beefs as the rapper implies and tries to elude that he’s the real deal.  Even though, the former druglord, “Freeway” Ricky Ross, has put that lifestyle behind him, he doesn’t want anyone trying to take his credit or try to portray him.  This song though, does make the rapper seem more believable though, even if it’s not true!

Kanye West x Louis Vuitton Sneaker Collab.

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kanye-west-louis-vuitton-shoes1I know many people are already aware and have spoken about this, but I’d just like to take the time to bring up the new Kanye West x Louis Vuitton shoe collab.  There will be 6 designs releasing sometime in mid-June of this year.  Kanye has already unveiled 3 of the releases.  All of them look amazing, but the starting price range will be $700.00 and up.  Plus, with the exclusivity of them, especially only being available in-store at Louis Vuitton boutiques you might need to be put on a waiting list in order to get them.  The same thing happened with the Pharrell x Louis Vuitton collab for the Louis Vuitton “Millionaire” sunglasses.  Good luck in getting them, and for all you resellers out there, this could be a cash-cow, I mean just look at the Nike Dunk Low Pro SB “Tiffany’s / Diamonds,” when they were released back in 2004 they were sold for the retail price of $65.00 USD, but with all of the hype, and the limited availability they now can cost over $700.00 USD for a non-worn pair.

2009 101 Apparel Sample Sale! March 10th – March 15th.

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101-apparel-sample-sale-21From his base in Southern California, design veteran Eric Crandell seamlessly bridges the gap between art, music, and fashion. His album cover art, t-shirts and silk-screens can be found internationally at several leading retailers.

Eric started on the ground floor of the thriving dance music scene in Los Angeles soaking up the warehouse and underground parties that came to define the LA dance music sound of the 90’s. Always grassroots, innovative, focused on the community, the music and the art that was around at the time.

During this time Eric Crandell began to envision and develop a new way of combining his interest in the arts, music, and nightlife. This vision all came together with the advent of Club Stereophonic, a live music club that set the staple for later clubs in the LA scene. Stereophonic combined live art/painting, with world class DJ’s/ bands, and featured the work of emerging artists such as Shepard Fairey, etc.

As part of Club Stereophonic’s line-up Eric formed a relationship with Ubiquity Records and began to showcase the Ubiquity roster in the club. After this period, Eric got hired onto Ubiquity Records as Art Director. Here he honed his already blossoming skills into advancing the Ubiquity T-shirt Line, and designing album covers by countless artists on the Ubiquity label.

Eventually, Eric started his own design line that is now known as 101 Apparel. Immediately the response has been overwhelming; select premium retailers have flocked from all over the globe from New York, Paris, Berlin, London, Amsterdam, Madrid etc..

101 takes inspiration from various genres and cultures, showing influences from classic designers of the 60’s & 70’s such as Alexander Girard, Milton Glaser and others. Combined with an extensive background in music related design, his art has a focus on imagination, authenticity and new ideas. Future and past projects / collaborations include:

• 2k by Gingham • Lodown Magazine
• Mitchy Bwoy • Nightmares On Wax
• Harmonic 313 • Skate Study House
• Six Pack France • Soul Rebel
• Ubiquity Records • Wax Poetics
+ more..stay tuned.


We are holding the Canadian 101 Apparel 2009 Sample Sale from March 10th – March 15th.  All t-shirts will be $25.00 CAD which is cheaper than the American retail of $24.00 – $30.00 USD.  We haven’t yet decided on the prices for the sweaters, messanger bags, or the Colors In Rythem organic series by 101 Apparel.  We’ll get back to you as soon as we figure out all of the final details!