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Big Sean Gets His Net / Net Nike Air Yeezy’s!

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Here’s another example of why most people want to be a celebrity.  You get all the freebies and exclusive and get to be one of the firsts to own great stuff such as the Nike Air Yeezys.  Big Sean got his early released Net/Net, or as he said: Tan colorway of Nike Air Yeezys yesterday in the mail and he Tweeted about it!  The original release date of the Net/Net Nike Air Yeezys is 6th June, 2009.  Still got a few weeks to save up, my friends, but first…here are some of the pictures that I bet will make you drool.



big sean 1

big sean 2

big sean 3

big sean 4


5-And-Dime Tradeshow In Toronto…

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This is a small clip from the 5-And-Dime Tradeshow held bi-annually in Toronto.  There was some dope stuff and distributors there including Offshoot Communications which handle Crooks & Castles, The Hundreds, LRG, and many others.  SnkrBox Distribution was also there which handle Married To The MOB, 10.DEEP, and many others.  There was also Zoo York, Boxfresh, and many others.

Asher The Slipper Stealer…

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Asher Roth has taken up stealin’ slippers LOL.


Backstage With Kanye West At Louis Vuitton.

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Knotoryus offers us a behind-the-scenes look into Kanye West’s collaboration alongside Louis Vuitton. The self proclaimed Louis Vuitton Don gets down with LV designer Fabrizio Vitti on variety of design sketches. The highly publicized footwear lineup is due to release in the latter part of 2009.






Cashletes Dope Hand-Tag.

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Cashletes is at it again with the dopeness.  They’ll be tagging all their merchandise with these foam hand inspired hangtags.  Something you definitely don’t see everyday, if at all.  They might even be printed on foam, but that’s not set in stone yet.

Keep an eye out, and when you see that foam hand hang tag dangling, you’ll know it’s them!

Ron English Re-Imagining Advertisments.

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Try as you might, you can’t escape commercials. In North America, they account for almost a third of scheduled programming. During the Superbowl, they generate almost as much hype as the game itself. Fortunately for those of us who seek refuge from the onslaught of marketing, there are artists like Ron English re-imagining some of America’s best-known advertising campaigns. A forerunner to Banksy, English’s work is definitely mischievous, drawing attentions to certain truths manufacturers would rather consumers ignored. The iconoclast has recreated cigarette billboards and depicted a rotund Ronald McDonald; he has even reinterpreted Picasso’s Guernica, Kiss, and Homer Simpson for his own nefarious ends and shows no signs of slowing down.


Opium Sneaker Boutique Rotterdam.

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Nine years after opening its doors in Paris, sneaker store Oqium (also known as Opium) has expanded its concept into Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Besides being one of Europe’s leading exclusive sneaker store, Oqium’s philosophy is inseparable of being a museum of sneakers too; several rare species of Original and Limited Edition Nikes as well as Air Jordans are displayed in the store which is set up in a boutique style. We really like the application of wood on the exterior and the all around clean setup of the store.

The new Oqium sneaker store is located at Grotekerkplein 103, close to Rotterdam’s hip Meent district.

Oqium Rotterdam
Grotekerkplein 103
3011 GC Rotterdam
0031 (0)10 413 1633