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Fully Laced Has Arrived!

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Today, NORML Clothing’s order for Fully Laced arrived as well as some of our stock.  I still need to deliver it to them this weekend up in Ottawa.  They placed a pretty large order of Fully Laced so only a bit of their order is pictured.  Check it out at NORML Clothing later next week, they’ve got one of the dopest shops in all of Canada, and they just keep getting better. 





Alador & Smith x GoodWood Sunglasses.

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Alador & Smith and GoodWood are in the middle of collabing on a pair of uber-limited sunglasses and also will be releasing t-shirts to correspond with the release.  I have a preview of what the sunglasses will look like, only 100 will be made, and even less will be sold as some will be given out to various celebrities as well as to members of the Alador & Smith, GoodWood, and The Goodie Bag crew.  Probably only 80 – 85 will be hitting select retailers and online shops worldwide.

Alador & Smith Sunglasses

GoodWood NYC – Marketing Director.

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I’m now handling all of the marketing and sales for GoodWood.  It’s a little bit of a step-up from being their Canadian distributor.  Expect to see a lot more of and from GoodWood within the next few months.  There’s some really big things being planned right now and I’m sure a lot of you will like them.

Quick Update…

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Just got the Fully Laced order for The Lay-Up 613 shop in Ottawa.  They’ve got a pretty dope shop up in Ottawa, and I’ll glad to be working with them, and am glad that they picked up Fully Laced.  Jon the owner of Fully Laced threw me a “Beware! My Kicks Break Necks” tee and a set of Fully Laced lacelocks which are really dope.  Now the only question is which pair of SB’s do I put them on, or I might even put them on my new Tan Yeezy’s not sure yet.  Either way, there still dope in the package haha.  Just wanted to take some time to give a quick shout-out and update to what’s been going on with The Goodie Bag as I haven’t updated the blog in a few days.

Cashletes Promo Flyer.

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Here’s a flyer that we had made to promote and feature Cashletes which we here at The Goodie Bag are distributing (throughout Canada).  If any retailers or individuals are interested in purchasing or would like to receive a catolog, linesheets, or order forms please e-mail me at

Any feedback or input for the flyer is greatly appreciated, thanks.

The Goodie Bag x Cashletes Flyer

I.F. & Co. Custom Piece For Fabolous.

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Hey everyone, what’s good?  Sorry, I haven’t been updating as frequently as I would have liked lately.  I was just up in Montreal viewing a few different collections as well as went to the casino in Hull for the first time.  It was pretty sick there, I ended up breaking even, even when your up your still hooked into playing, then you lose it all haha. 


Anyways, Ben Baller over at I.F. & CO. was doing this chain for Fabolous a few weeks back and it’s just so iced out I can’t forget about it, so I figured I’d share it with everyone.







Loso 1

Loso 2