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Lil Wayne Celebrates His 27th Birthday In Style!

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Lil Wayne celebrated his 27th Birthday on Sunday, September 27th.  He celebrated with close friends and family.  They started the night by poppin’ a few bottles, eating cake, and watching Wayne open his birthday presents which included a $1,000,000.00 Chopard diamond watch and a $200,000.00 Chopard diamond chain.

Lil Wayne Birthday #1

Lil Wayne Birthday #2

Lil Wayne Birthday #3

Lil Wayne Birthday #4

Lil Wayne Birthday #5

Lil Wayne Birthday #6

Lil Wayne Birthday #7

Lil Wayne Birthday #8

Lil Wayne Birthday #9

Lil Wayne Birthday #10


INTERVIEW: Nina Diallo (Diallo The Store).

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Diallo The Store Logo

Hey, tell us a little information about yourself.  Who are you and where are you from.

The owner Ibrahima Diallo (30) is originally from Guinea West Africa living in Zurich since 1998.  Married since 2001 to Nina Diallo (26), having a little son of 3.



What is life like up in Switzerland, as far as music, fashion, and popular culture.

Zurich is the largest city in Switzerland, people traveling to Zurich to visit clubs, fashion shows, art exhibitions, etc.  Hip-Hop, Electro, House and at the time all mixed, that’s what people looking for….of course fashion is very important  It’s a way to express the way of life and clubbing means comparing outfits with the others…even you are not up to that, it does happen automatically…Once a style or trend is discovered, everybody is following it…As store owners we would describe the Swiss people reserved and not very open to break the style with a new trend.  It takes very long to make trends be understood over here.  Of course people do watch MTV but the most clips are very late in…so compared with our fam in Brooklyn, etc we can say if it is something hot in the states it takes almost a year to call it hot over here….they are not ready to understand it before….

The American market has still a big influence in music and fashion….

Zurich isn’t the biggest place, so we have a few customers like DJ’s, artists, and open-minded people, they appreciate to have something unique, something new, something special, so that’s where we are trying to be focused….



Tell us a little about Diallo The Store and the people involved.

Diallo The Store is a family-run business since 2005, located in the centre of the city…10 minutes from the Zurich main station -15 minutes from the Zurich airport.  We are open Monday – Saturday.  My husband and I do job sharing; everything is in our own strategy, management, etc.  We work with the city and train 4 young boys to get diplomas as assistants.  They work and go to school, which is really fun and gives them a lot of experience.  They are between the ages of 15 and 20 years old…so we are total 6 people….



What kind of brands does Diallo The Store carry?

As a family business we are not able to have the mass but something for the mass.  So we do care about having brands, trends, and styles which you won’t find in Zurich or Switzerland.  For example, we are the official RMC Account:  We do just have 1-3 pieces and the next stuff is coming in…so we are not a fix…this is the hole style what should be always a step forward to the Swiss market……we love to work with national or international upcoming brands is easy to make them understand the Swiss market and our philosophy….all we guarantee is originality and quality….so Diallo The Store is about a unique selection of style and at the end of brands.



What are some of your favourite brands out right now?

It’s all about the mix; people love the Kanye West, Pharrell Williams N.E.R.D. style…colourful, crazy, and not to baggy.



What new upcoming events or releases are you currently working on?

We will stay loyal to our strategy, even it takes longer to sell something but if you have sold something the customer will be coming back!

Sharing minds, and being open to projects…we once had a fashion show in a club.  We would love to do that again in the future.  The rest is word-of-mouth propaganda talking with people wearing the stuff on the streets….and keep going on!



What would you say are the most difficult aspects or being in your line of work?

To make people moving for something new and unique!  To make people wear something which is not the norm to the masses!  To make people understand the stuff you got!



The fashion and music worlds are often tied together…What music artists out right now are grabbing your attention?

The most showed love comes from the States and France, because they understand what we got!  The rest are national DJ’s, national artists…like Stress, Afura, etc…club owners, producers – people who are not shy to watch over the boundary!  Check our Facebook friends!



Diallo The Store

Schoffelgasse 6,

8001 Zurich,


Tel: +41-43-268-9374

Diallo The Store #1

Diallo The Store #2

Diallo The Store #3

SSUR Store Opening NYC

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SSUR NYC New Store #1

SSUR welcomes a new store opening at Elizabeth St. in New York City. The new locale looks to carry a wide range of goods synonymous with the SSUR name. Here we get a peek into the new digs, which boasts plenty of cultural memorabilia. If you’re in town, be sure to stop by.

SSUR Empire State
296 Elizabeth Street.
New York, NY 10012
(Between Houston and Bleecker)

SSUR NYC New Store #2

SSUR NYC New Store #3

SSUR NYC New Store #4

SSUR NYC New Store #5

SSUR NYC New Store #6

Ill Banger – Thursday, October 1st.

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Ill Banger #4

Another Ill Banger party is coming up this week!  Hit up White Rabbit this upcoming Thursday for some earcandy from Jon Blak, Teddy King, Illy P, and Mad Ryan. 

Sponsored By: GoodWood NYC, The Goodie Bag, and Wealthy Hostage.

The Leaders Of The New Cool – September 30th, 2009.

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The Leaders Of The New Cool have a dope event coming up on September 30th at 92Y Tribeca (200 Hudson St. At Canal /  Live performances by: Stalley, Ms. Brown, Harlem’s Cash, Spree Wilson, Monica Rush, and Sean Falyon.  It’s hosted by Jocques Morel and is presented by HollyWood East Ent. and Glow Connection. 

Sponsored By: Chilly-O, Tastemakers Atlanta, and Vinnie’s Styles.

The Leaders Of The New Cool - NYC Flyer

Fully Laced Fall / Winter 2009 Preview.

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Our homies over at Fully Laced are droppin’ their new Fall / Winter 2009 collections within the next few weeks.  For any and all wholesale and marketing inquires please drop us a line at  Thanks.

Fully Laced Belts

Fully Laced Denim

Fully Laced Flannels

Fully Laced Laces And Biners

Fully Laced New Eras

Fully Laced Tees

Five Principals Of A Champion

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The Keys To Financial Freedom No Matter What The Economic State.

A champion has a coach who helps keep him on track, pushes him to his full potential. Find a coach in someone who inspires you and encourages you to earn more.

A champion is nothing without a team of supporters and co-workers who elevate him to achieve more. Build a team of individuals who are as hungry as you are.

A champion knows his strengths and apply them well, without trying to play every position at once. Realize your best qualities and skills and figure out which position you play best.

A champion is always up for a little competition, and shows no mercy to his competitors. Any competitor knows it’s survival of the fittest.

A champion always strives for the next victory that’ll bring him closer and closer to the championship. Whether it be a million dollar yacht, a mansion in the hills, or an exotic whip, your championship is only a few victories away.