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Nike Sportswear Blazer AC High LE Collection

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Nike Sportswear officially launches its beefed up rendition of the classic Blazer, the Blazer AC High.  The shoes feature a premium Nike treatment with high quality textile choices and a 5-strap platform.  Both colourways, medium grey and varsity red, feature a tonal approach with slight hints of black with white mid-soles and patent leather detailing.

SOURCE: HypeBeast


Gucci Slip-On Sneakers

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I need to thank Joe and the rest of the guy’s over at LimitedHype more often.  They always show me everything that I want and NEED in my life.  These came out a while back, but I recently fell in love!

SOURCE: LimitedHype

HUF Sherpa Lined Flannel

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Big check plaids are where it’s at this season.  One’s that are lined and can be worn as a stand alone or over top a sweater for the later months are even better.  Shout outs to the Sherpa lined flannel from HUF.  HUF, or the man behind it, pro-skateboarder Keith Hufnagel has been killing it for a minute now with recent footwear collabs with Reebok, Nike, Van’s and Converse (yes, in that order) and, Keith was just interviewed by ESPN.  While every single piece HUF releases sometimes eludes us, the stand alone pieces, like this one, are the business and as good for Canadian winters as they are out in CA.  Available here.

SOURCE: LimitedHype

Porter Ruck Sack

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With all the attention given to Porter’s small accessories and shoulder bags, totes and cases, their backpacks or ‘ruck sacks’ are often overlooked in some circles.  Regardless, they live up to the moniker of Japan’s finest luggage company named after the people who still handle more bags than anybody else.  This ruck sack with a removable zipper pack is a part of Porter’s orange-lined TANKER series which has been part of the collection since 1983 and since undergone some incarnations, the PORTER x adidas Five-Two 3 Nizza immediately comes to mind. The bag features an ultra-durable sheen Polymide outer and a large internal compartment with drawstring and clasp closure. While the shape leaves something a little more to be desired, the functionality can’t be beat. Available here.

SOURCE: LimitedHype

INTERVIEW: Max Heigh (DELI Seattle)

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I recently had the chance to speak with Max Heigh, the owner of Seattle’s premium lifestyle boutique DELI.  I was able to find out some of the brands that they carry, capture some of what they are up to, and gain some valuable insight into what makes DELI tick.

Please introduce yourself and tell us a little bit about what you do.

Yo, my name is Max Heigh & I own a premium lifestyle boutique named DELI in Seattle’s, Pioneer Square District!  

What is life like up in Seattle, as far as music, fashion, and popular culture?

The music scene is getting real creative, & I think your going to hear from a lot more Seattle folks. The Fashion scene in Seattle is really making a come up, lots of people mention all these other cities LA, NYC…pretty soon you’ll hear Seattle in that mix. A lot of people are doing things from Logan Neitzal all the way to T.I.T.S Brand. 

What kind of brands does DELI carry?

Brands we keep stalked: Coal, DORSIA, Shades of Greige, Staple NYC, SLVDR, Modern Amusement, & RVCA. 

What are some of your favorite brands out right now?

Some brands I’m looking forward too are Huffer, Life After Denim, & Black Apple…all of which will be available at DELI soon!

What new upcoming events or releases are you currently working on?

We just recently released a series of tees called, the “DELI Art Series” & we are currently looking on releasing an exclusive Joe Vollan Holiday design…definitely Google this guy!! But the tees are getting a lot of great feedback! It’s really representing Seattle art!!! We are releasing a DELI hooded pull-over really soon as well. 

What would you say are the most difficult aspects or being in your line of work?

It’s about getting your name out there & it’s definitely a hustle; so if your not prepared for that then it’s not for you! 

The fashion and music worlds are often tied together…What music artists out right now are grabbing your attention? 

I like all sorts of tunes – I really like Drake & Trey Songs right now!

Thanks for taking the time to speak with us Max.  Do you have any last words or shout-outs?

Check out

DELI Seattle

87 Yesler Way.

Seattle, WA 98104

United States

SASQUATCHfabrix. x New Era 59Fifty Fitted Cap

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Throughout this season, we’ve seen a few different pieces out of SASQUATCHfabrix. featuring the use of fur.  The latest piece to embody this trend is the New Erabbit cap.  A melton wool body is combined with a fake rabbit fur trim with an embroidered tonal logo on the front.

SOURCE: HypeBeast

BBC / Ice Cream Weekend Releases

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Don’t spend all of your holiday shopping money up too fast the guys over at BBC / Ice Cream just released some new winter pieces this weekend.  Right now the collection is only available at the Tokyo store but it’s just a matter of time before retailers start receiving a shipments.  Varsity jackets are a must have during winter and as you can see they have never gone out of style so it’s a good investment if your looking for a winter jacket.

SOURCE: The Hood Nerd