INTERVIEW: Ryan Baylin (The Lay-Up Shop 613)

Please introduce yourself and tell us a little bit about what you do.

I’m Ryan, I am the co-owner and buyer for The Layup 613 and in my spare time I eat chicken wings and watch football, basketball or re-runs of Three’s Company.

What is life like up in Ottawa, as far as music, fashion, and popular culture?

Culture in Ottawa is a bit on the conservative side because this is definitely a government town. However, there is a strong scene that is small but tight-knit. Some dope artists and DJ’s for sure, as well as some chill clubs and some nice retail spots to hit up, so all in all the scene in Ottawa is popping off and we are trying to help with that.
Tell us a little about The Lay-Up 613 and the people involved?

The concept for The Layup 613 was to combine sneaker and graffiti culture as well as bring in some more obscure, up and coming clothing brands that weren’t available in this area. We offer sneaker consignment and when we first opened, we had a supply of vintage OG Nike, Converse, Asics and more from the late 80’s-early 90’s.  We try to support a lot of local brands and artists, being that my background is in the Ottawa hip hop scene. We also just moved from our old location in Chinatown, to the market area at 264 Dalhousie Street, so we are making some good things happen!
What kind of brands does The Lay-Up 613 carry?

We are very particular about the brands we carry, we really like brands that might not be as well known but come with something original that reflects the character of our store. I would rather be the first to break something fresh and new than just hop on whatever is hot and trendy at the time. The clothing brands we carry right now are:


As far as footwear, we have mainly done consignment and deadstock but we are starting to get accounts. First up, SAUCONY ORIGINALS!! (we are the exclusive retailer for SAUCONY O in Ottawa)

We may add some new brands for spring and summer so stay tuned here:

What are some of your favourite brands out right now?
Flying Coffin and Actual Pain were straight up 2 of my favourite brands before we opened the shop, so they were the first brands we approached. The Seventh Letter and Rebel 8 have expanded a lot this year and the direction they are taking with their cut n sew lines is amazing! Keep an eye out for my Ottawa homies, Raised By Wolves, they are doing really good things as well.
What new upcoming events or releases are you currently working on?

We will be involved with some upcoming art events, and hopefully drop a logo shirt and some more goodies some time in the new year.
What would you say are the most difficult aspects or being in your line of work?

Ordering is not always easy, sometimes you think a piece will be a sure shot, order a bunch and then nobody wants it. Also riding that fine line between bringing in something new that you never heard of yet and something popularly sought after.
The fashion and music worlds are often tied together…What music artists out right now are grabbing your attention?

I used to DJ and work in music retail for many years and was always hip to the newest stuff. Now I just listen to older stuff like Kool G Rap… I’m stuck in the past! I do gotta say check for my homies FLIGHT DISTANCE and CROUP because they are part of my crew and dropping some dope new material this year!

The Layup Shop 613
264 Dalhousie St
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
K1N 7E4
Tel: 613-695-6055


3 Responses to “INTERVIEW: Ryan Baylin (The Lay-Up Shop 613)”

  1. the new shop looks dope. i havent gotten the chance to go see it yet.
    and i love everything about The Lay-up. Keep up the great job guys.

  2. Peetah Parka Says:

    Keep up the good work homies!

  3. Nicolas McPeake Says:

    The shop looks pro, no half-steppin. Its nice to see 613 coming into its own. I was kickin up dust on Rideau St back when there was THE FOUNTAIN, and awnings up and down the street, and it seemed like we’d always be in the shadows of Mo-town, and T. But its nice to see some Ottawa heads getting the word out in, and about 613. Peace.


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