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Damon Dash Gallery Grand Opening

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Matt Cohen from attended the Grand Opening of the Damon Dash Gallery on 172 Duane Street in Tribeca, New York City on February 19th.

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Lanvin Leather Ankle Sneakers

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Lanvin will release new leather ankle sneakers later this week at colette.  These luxury sneakers are styled in the manner of an outdoor/hiking shoe.  These sneakers will come in a green leather or indigo denim and will be priced at €460.00.

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Undefeated Spring 2010 Collection Lookbook

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UNDFTD releases their Spring 2010 lookbook.  All the items seen in the collection are now available at all Undefeated stores.

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IM King Spring 2010 “Hood Hop” Button-Up

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IM King is bringing back a customer favourite in a new colourway and pattern for Spring 2010.  Their “Hood Hop” button-up did amazingly-well and is sure to this time around.  This Spring will be the last time you will see the “Hood Hop” button-up from them so cop it or miss out!


INTERVIEW: Lisa Persaud (The Industry Magazine)

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We were recently able to catch up with Lisa Persaud from The Industry Magazine to capture what the magazine is up to, what’s good in T-Dot, and some insight into what makes her tick.

Please introduce yourself and tell us a little bit about what you do.

OK well I am Lisa Persaud A.K.A. L Peezy! I’m the Founder and Owner of The Industry Magazine.

Aside from the magazine, I own an independent Public Relations Firm called L Productions which specialize in Entertainment PR. Actually it’s being renamed to LP Publicity.

I do Promotions for Interscope Records mainly Poe Boy… and I’m not as heavy on the modeling scene as I use to be, but I am still managed by Big Diz of NY; so I do participate in some shows and shoots here and there.

What motivated you to start Industry Mag?


Initially L Productions served as an entertainment agency for Canadians looking for work in the Entertainment business. So one day I thought, what would be a good way to get ultimate exposure for my clients? Then Bam! I was like if I start my own publication, I can feature whoever I want-whenever I want! And I made it happen.

What does it take to start-up and run a successful magazine?  What are some of your daily duties and responsibilities?

Definitely sacrifice, commitment, organization and key players who share the same ambition as you and are willing to put in the work.

My daily routine; the first thing I do is pick up my Blackberry and check my Calendar.

It really does depend on what day of the Month it is, like if it’s closer to our deadline then I’m hustling more with the Magazine. After the deadline, I’m doing more PR and Promo work.


Regardless of where I am in the world I hit up the entire Industry Team. We all are actually pretty close
so whether I’m hitting up Michelle our Creative Director about spread ideas, Allison to review the outline –

Follow up; say good job, bad job or a simple Hello! THEY all hear from me! I send the mass messages on the regular. The entire team is very close knitted and I love that!

After getting an update – I usually dedicate some time to doing some research. I participate as much as the rest of the team; I contribute blogs, some interviews and my Twitter is updated every few seconds. lol

Next up,

2. L Productions:

I pull out my Jonny Roxx folder, go through his schedule. He’s the best, always has a game plan and goals. It’s hard to find artists who contribute that much time into themselves, so it’s great working with someone with that sense of responsibility. So with him, I map out when he can do some shows, interviews, co-ordinate some appearances – whatnot. I recently signed Boogz and joined Bishop’s and A-Game’s PR team. So the same goes for them.

I get a lot of requests from artists or event co-ordinators – so I try my best to look into their requests every few days.

3. Interscope

Its more so project based. I do promotions of artists and their upcoming album releases or tours. So that’s not usually a daily thing.

4. Modeling

My manager Diz can randomly hit me up saying; you need to fly out to Miami tomorrow for this event…either to host, show face, do a shoot.

So yeah, my days are pretty full and exciting. lol

Who have been your biggest supporters thus far?

God, he’s given me the strength, motivation, ability to do what I do. My Family, The Industry Dream team (My 2nd family) everyone from the Record labels to the Haters – Everyone motivates me.

How have you built your brand?

To be honest we didn’t create a master marketing plan. It all kind of fell into place, well the right hands and ears.  We have an Industry street team, we have done a few promotional parties and sponsorships but I would say, most of our marketing was over the Web…The Internet is a powerful yet beautiful thing! lol

Besides Industry Mag are you involved in any other projects / ventures?

As I mentioned I own an independent Public Relations Firm called L Productions which specialize in Entertainment PR. I also work with Interscope Records mainly Poe Boy Music Group.

What upcoming releases, projects, or events are you working on?

For the magazine, I am looking into launching a project called Industry in da Street, which won’t really go underway till summer 2010. We are starting to plan the anniversary party which will take place August 2010 – which will most likely be a private event.

For LP: I’m working heavy with my artists Jonny Roxx and Boogz whom both have their mixtapes dropping soon! Bishop recently landed a movie deal for the short film he wrote. So we are going to look into doing a press release and casting for that and his video soon. Billy Blue has some hot tracks dropping. Right now we are doing a lot of promo work for him as well. A-Game is shooting out to the islands to shoot a new video the end of the month so, my boys got a lot going on and keeping me busy!

What are your plans for the future?

Ha, I’m really not one of those people who plan so far in advance. Most cases I don’t even know what country I’ll be in next week! I’m very much for the moment and spontaneous. If an idea pops in my head, I run with it no longer than the very next day (as I did with The Industry & L Productions)

I guess all I know for sure is that I’m going to keep grinding it out and make sure The Industry continues to grow and become one of the world (yes WORLDs) leading publications.

What are some of your favourite clothing brands out right now?


I am a bit of everything. Some days Gucci or Louis Vuitton, Marciano, Guess, Parasuco, Bebe and lazy days I love my Puma and Nike sweats. I pick up a lot of random stuff – as long as I can make it look like a million bucks then I’m satisfied.

Who are some of your favourite musicians?

I’m a suck for old stuff, so like Boys To Men, 112, Joe, Ginuwine, R Kelly,Tyrese, TLC, Mary J, Mariah, Aaliyah, Alicia Keys, Toni Braxton, Foxy, Lil Kim, Biggie, Nas, Pun, Trick Daddy, Naughty by Nature,Trina,Snoop, Q Tip. No Doubt, Alanis Morrsete (random right? But she’s the artist who got me really feeling lyrics at such a young age.)
I also rate Drake, Weezy, JayZ, Kanye, Fabo, Neyo, Usher, Black Eyed Peas and…oh man too many to list. Clearly I listen to too much music…



Thanks for taking the time to speak with us Lisa. Do you have any last words or shout-outs?

Shout out to The Goodie Bag! My Fam! Industry Magazine! Interscope! Poe Boy! GIG! My Artists Jonny Roxx, Boogz, Bishop and A-Game! The Haters! Anyone in this business trying to make a dollar from a quarter. Keep your head up and remember every successful person started with a dream.


XV – “30 Minute Layover” Mixtape

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Here is XV’s latest mixtape, “30 Minute Layover”, featuring 10 new freestyles to hold people over for the release of his project “Vizzy Zone” with DJ Ill Will & DJ Rockstar.

DOWNLOAD LINK: XV – “30 Minute Layover” Mixtape

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ESSO – Don’t Stop [Live At Leaders Of The New Cool]

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