INTERVIEW: Roderick Hunt (Undefeated)

Please introduce yourself and tell us a little bit about what you do.

My name is Roderick Hunt and I assist in managing the Undefeated Silverlake location in Los Angeles, CA. My current emphases would be designing, buying, merchandising and providing quality customer service. Along with that I try to serve as a positive force within the company, and do my best to uphold the identity of the brand.

How did you get your job at UNDFTD?

My job at Undefeated was somewhat of an accident. Eddie Cruz was looking to hire potential candidates for the now Stussy Las Vegas chapter in the summer of 2007. I initially interviewed for one of the available positions there. A few days after my interview I spoke with Eddie and he thought that I’d be a better fit at Undefeated. Instead of me waiting for the Stussy LV chapter to open, I was offered an immediate position at Undefeated Las Vegas.

What’s it been like working for them?

There’s never a dull moment at Undefeated. The best part of my job is that I get to work with outstanding individuals, and that something new & exciting happens on a daily basis. Most people aren’t able to see an idea come to life, from the inspiration to the sample to the finished product. You might get the story at the end, but to be a part of it as it’s happening is an entirely different experience. I’m in a position that a lot of people want to be in. Eddie Cruz and James Bond are true originators. It’s a rare opportunity and I’m definitely making the most of it.

Do you have any advice for people trying to get a job in retail?

My advice is to be patient and persistent. You have to have patience in this economic climate. The position you want is not always going to be available when you need it. But, because of that you have to be persistent and not give up. Try to find alternate ways of gaining employment, whether it’s being a seasonal worker or landing a temporary job. The only thing that matters is that you find a way to get in the door. Lastly, perfect your résumé. It’s your way to make a good impression and stand out amongst everyone else.

Tell us a little about your time at UNDFTD LV and the people involved.

Las Vegas is such a fast paced city with a constant circulation of tourists… When we opened our doors it gave the community a sense of stability and a culture that was missing. I worked alongside Chris Julian, Co-Owner of Fruition LV, and Patrick Renaud. We always made sure that everyone knew what Undefeated was about, and at the same time gave them a shopping experience that they weren’t used to. The atmosphere was really energetic and we quickly took the reins as the top sneaker shop in the city. It felt good being at the center of a movement that was paving the way for future retailers in Las Vegas.

What brands do you stock at UNDFTD?

Nike, Jordan, Converse, Adidas, Vans, and New Balance are some of the more popular brands that we carry. There are also smaller brands that are making a lot of noise, such as Clae, Generic Surplus, and TOMS shoes.


What are some of your favourite brands out right now?

Undefeated, NBHD, Stussy Deluxe, NSW, Ralph Lauren, and Supreme are some of my favorite clothing brands. Visvim, Gourmet, and Converse are a few of my favorite brands when it comes to shoes.

Fashion and music are often tied very closely together…What artists are grabbing your attention right now?

We may need a separate interview for this topic haha… I’ll give you a quick few… Mayer Hawthorne, as the crooner. Guilty Simpson, as the rapper. Hudson Mohawke, as the beat maker.

Thank you for taking the time to speak with us Rod.  Do you have any last words or shout-outs?

Thank you to everyone at The Goodie Bag, and big ups to the entire Undefeated + Stussy + Union + Supreme family. Ain’t no half steppin’ in 2010! Peace.

Photo Credit: Miguel Jacome


6 Responses to “INTERVIEW: Roderick Hunt (Undefeated)”

  1. Bloodlinefresh Says: UNDFTD is the shit!

  2. Tight work…..I dig the brand.

  3. Great interview. Different insight on the world of fashion and view on how an individual got his start in the industry. Looking forward to reading more pieces like this in the future!

  4. Thanks Rod for your time here, in UNDFTD LV! ROD is the Sh** and an inspiration to me personally!!!!!

  5. Christie Says:

    Hey, i’m currently looking to work for streetwear companies.. No luck trying to get a job here in LV for them. I’m gonna try and apply at Stussy LV or UNDFTD LV. Seeing as LACED LV closed & Knyew is not even hiring.. I’m gonna go for UNDFTD & Stussy.. Any advice on what i should do to get the job?
    They look like they don’t even hire people that walk in & try to get a job. Crossin my fingers i don’t get laughed at..

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