Everliven Sound – Freedom 2 [Cover Art + Tracklisting]

Freedom II is the upcoming album by group Everliven Sound consisting of Jamaican-rooted, UK-raised brothers Cymarshall Law (New Jersey) and Skit Slam (UK), coming to us at the exact time its needed to bring balance to the force known as Hip-Hop.  Freedom II carries a vibe similar to their last album, Freedom (Freedom Entertainment, 2008), which was released to outstanding reviews across the globe.  Both projects are overflowing with the same essential and rare musical quality – substance.

“Everliven Sound and the album’s sole producers Sweden’s The Beatnikz have created a masterpiece that’s been built with everything that made hip-hop great in the beginning: un-cut, gritty, soulful, fun music with a message for anyone that ever began to forget why they loved hip-hop in the first place.  And of course for anyone looking for a little Freedom.” — Everliven Sound

Songs “Get Up, Stand Up”, “Days of Faster”, “Elements” (Feat. El Da Sensei), and “Know No” stand out amongst Freedom II’s 18 consistent tracks marked by good ole’ raw, original boom-bap hip-hop.  The lyrical talent, immaculate wordplay and clever topics from the MC’s ensure they continue to compete with the best in their field.  Entirely produced by The Beatnikz, described as Sweden’s finest, this beat team stays true to their own original production style – a sound that is fresh and forward, but still very accessible.

Look out for Freedom 2 to drop on iTunes and all other digital outlets June 22, 2010 on HiPNOTT Records.  Look below for the official tracklisting.

1. Get Up, Stand Up (Survivalist)
2. Christening
3. Elements (Feat. El Da Sensei)
4. Waiting Too Long
5. Hook Them
6. Walk Away
7. Crack & The Electric Chair (Feat. Hakim Green)
8. All Right All Real
9. Days of Faster
10. Come Correct
11. Holes In They Shoes (Feat. C Rayz Walz)
12. Ms. Liquor Spliff
13. Sun, Moon & Stars (Feat. Stahhr)
14. Follow My Lead
15. Can You Relate (Feat. John Robinson)
16. Don’t Believe
17. Dumbflows
18. Know No


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