Is ALIFE Selling Out?

ALIFE released their collaboration t-shirt with Drake to coincide with his event at Alife Sessions a few days ago.  These are currently available at $40.00 USD each.  What are your thoughts on it?  Are they just trying to cash in on Drake’s hype, or is this a good look for them?  What do you think of the design itself?


13 Responses to “Is ALIFE Selling Out?”

  1. completely, I had a conversation last night on twitter with @infamousp. This does not fit at all. I am used to seeing them work with Raekwon, Wu, Nas and individuals of that sort performing in their alleyway. Do I like Drake yes? Is he talented yes? Is he a good fit with ALIFE. Absolutely not. Its very odd to me. Also the same thing with Crooks. Did you get the email they sent out? It was pretty ridiculous. They basically were bragging about how they bought out all of Drake’s cd’s from best buy. Do what you do? You sell shirts dont brag some bullshit about how you can and did buy all his cd’s out. Made them sound like a bunch of morons. I wont even get into their designs. They use the same medusa template for years, no other designs, very stale and boring to me. Not interested at all. Its deeper than that as well. At the prices Crooks charges its an insult to someone like me or any design sense everyone knows they can change the colors on those templates a little bit and boom another design. It takes no work maybe 10 minutes or so. Wheres the shirt designs that started on paper with sketches and actually involve hard work??? Shame.

  2. On top of that crooks completely is just cashing in on an easy sell. I mean look at the damn design. Its nothing. If I dont have something visually pleasing or conceptual or clever I do not put it out. Yeah it would be cool to hop on the train and produce a cool shirt for the event but if I dont have something to offer up quality im gonna have to pass on that chance. Not just put something out to put something out.

    The alife front of the tee is actually ok, they dont get crazy any way so its not really done in a bad look I just dont think its a good fit. Seems too odd. I mean Nas and Wu arent gonna be looking at their blackberrys performing in the courtyard would they?

  3. Dope shit from Circle of Success clothing! Congrats on the opportunity & Big ups to Drizzy for his SUCCESS!

  4. theknwldg Says:

    Selling out HARD

  5. Blastoff Biggs Says:

    They could have done alot better ive seen some better designs.But these are deffinately going to sell.Overall clean

  6. They will always sell with these companys. No doubt about that

  7. Very nice look!!! good way to grab attention and make a name for yourself riding off someone who has a buzz already!!

  8. Nick Moren Says:

    Nice man, thats a sick design.

  9. The shirt is cool but it would have been less “corny” if they had left the Drake name eplate off. Thank me now. Would have been a more solid concept. In collabos with an artist there is a very fine line between hot product and solid merchandise. This one is much more band merch that dope clothing line. I think Alife could have done better and honestly, Drake wins more than Alife. Big cosign for him to gain respect from their fan base.

  10. I donno $40 for a white T? I see what they were going for but not sure they delivered. I love ALIFE tho.

  11. badhabitscity Says:

    sold out on Alifes part

  12. I’m kinda on the fence about this. On one end it could be a good look for both parties. Them just kinda showing support for Drake. But there are just too many people coming out of the woodwork to jump on this bandwagon. Alot of this stuff is kinda publicity stuntish and unnecessary.

    I think Thank Me Later overall is a decent album and he’s worked hard to get the buzz he has… I feel it’s kind of weak for people to try to latch on to his buzz when what they’re bringing to the table isn’t up to par.

    Example, this A-life shirt is too basic… Anyone could have printed those shirts. I’m a fan of A-Life but I kinda would expect more from them especially with something so big.

    On the other hand Cookin’ Soul and Don Cannon dropped a Drake Remix Album to kinda show support and it was really well done and put together and I think that was a good look for Drake and everyone else involved.

  13. I guess the general consensus is that the design isn’t that great…I would agree. It is smart on the business end for Alife to bank off Drake’s success…we’re all in it for the money. Personally I wouldn’t rock it. Im not really a fan of Drake’s music. Get your money tho! Wu-Tang all day!

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