INTERVIEW: Shoichi Amemiya (Sabit NYC)

Recently, we took a trip to the Big Apple, better known as New York City.  So, while we were enjoying everything that NYC has to offer we were able to catch up with Shoichi Amemiya the owner of Sabit NYC.

When did you start your fashion label?

5 years ago.

How did you establish your relationship with Swizz Beatz and have him come aboard being the face of Sabit?

We have a mutual friend who thought it would be a great idea for us to meet and since then we have supported each other and have had much respect for one another.

It is a fact that you have a huge Japanese following, is there a difference with Sabit in Japan and NYC?  Are they the same entity?

Yes.  Sabit NYC is international however we are the same brand.  No difference.

What are your influences for the recent collection you have released for Summer 2010?

My influence I would have to say would be the “beach feel” being free and fashionable at the beach.

Seeing that your brand has made a major impact on the hip-hop community, what other genres of music has it impacted?

We have a huge following in the house music genre.  Many followers like and support our brand.

What does the word Sabit mean?

The word Sabit means “the hook” or the best part of the song.

What is your favourite current film that has been released?


Overall, what type of experience do you want the person who wears Sabit to walk away and experience at the end of the day?

TANOSHINDE…Which means enjoy.  That’s our message and something that the entire Sabit family lives by.  Every Sabit garment has this word placed inside.  We want every piece of our brand and collection to represent who we are and what we stand for and believe.

Tell us about your plans for Sabit in the near future.

To be one of the classic brands in this ever changing industry.  My dream is to continue the branding of Sabit by creating great fashion with a message ultimately helping to positively help change the world one person at a time.


One Response to “INTERVIEW: Shoichi Amemiya (Sabit NYC)”

  1. Aaron blackshear Says:

    Sabit period is a dope has versatility,color,and a vibrant feel when you see it. Its feel good clothes;because you feel good when your in them..myself Aaron blackshear,I’m an artist who will love to represent the line one day..peace and tanoshinde your life.

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