Paul Rodriguez & Don Pendleton Green Label Art Collaboration

From Transworld:
“We were invited up to Los Angeles recently to film some behind the scenes for a Green Label Art commercial starring Paul Rodriguez and Don Pendleton. We even got a few words from them after the shoot. The GLA Shop Series program for Mountain Dew is a national contest that kicks off in June. Paul and Don’s custom can celebrates the launch of the program and will be available exclusively in participating shops. This contest will allow shops to work together with a local artist to design a custom can featuring their shop and then people can vote for their favorite design at starting June 25.
There will be seven finalists announced at the Salt Lake City Dew Tour, and the final winner will be announced during the last summer Dew Tour stop in Vegas. The can will be distributed nationally in 2011, which is huge exposure for the skate shop.
The mural featured in the commercial with the design inspiration from their can, and will hang in Paul’s warehouse in L.A.”
This seems like a really cool project and it is cool to see a clash of someone considered mainstream, Paul, and someone considered core, Don. Don made the point that he made sure the project was to be done right and that only real shops were in the line up before he would do the project. I like how he said that, considering the fact that I write for Alli Sports (the people who run the Dew Tour) and like him, I make sure I write about the skateboarding that I feel is important. Another thing I like about this project is that it seems to be a step closer to better relationships between the skateboarding community and the corporates and I hope to see more mutually benefical projects in the future.

For more skateboarding, check out Ohio Skate University.
Also, check out my latest post over at Alli’s Expression Session.


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