Steve Liriks – “Lazy Boy Syndrome” Mixtape

Mass Hysteria Werx artist, Steve Liriks, hits us with his ‘coming of age’ tale, Lazy Boy Syndrome.  It explores the question every young adult faces with what to do with your life post-highschool.  Everyone that experiences growing pains, can relate to the mixtape.  Lazy Boy Syndrome is an intervention about pushing forward and not comforming to our generations ways of being sloths, non-productive, and always trying to find the easiest way to success.  It is about breaking this curse by improving your situation, not being depressed, and letting the days slip by with no progress.  It also explores relationships with the opposite sex as well.  The sacrifices and balances that one has to make in order to achieve goals while trying to convince that special person to have trust and faith.  Hopefully they will be there for you as you try to make it to the end of the tunnel.

On Lazy Boy Syndrome, Liriks enlists production from talented out-of-country producers including Kalifornia Kurt (Austria), Jobe (France), Lunice (Canada), Mr. Marr (Canada), Nino (Spain), Crackazat (UK), Hudson Mohawke (UK), and back to the USA with fellow Mass Hysteria Werx label mates, The Specialists.  Featured guests include DJ Chong Wizard, Dana La Rock, The Specialists, Tyrice C., Mr. Mirac, and DJ Chris Fader, who blesses “On Another Note” with some very primo-esque scratches!  Liriks went this route to have an encompassing global sound, rather than just the typical run-of-the-mill sound of his environment.  Lazy Boy Syndrome is a nuclear mind meld of electro-synth, funky drums-n-snares, dramatic horns, bouncy grooves, and feelings of so smooth.

Presented by DJ Chong Wizard, Monotone OC Clothing, 9Five Eyewear, Artistic Dreams, and Mass Hysteria Werx; Please enjoy Liriks’ journey of overcoming being a Lazy Boy, breaking the Syndrome, and striving to make it to the top and gaining the respect from everybody!

DOWNLOAD LINK: Steve Liriks – “Lazy Boy Syndrome” Mixtape


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