Chip Tha Ripper Gift Raps Tour NYC Recap

Last night, Chip Tha Ripper killed the stage at Santos Party House in NYC.  illRoots along with Crack Distributors Radio, The Hip Hop Update, and DCtoBC presented this show as part of Chip’s on-going promotional Gift Raps tour.  Usually when I go to any show, I naturally expect there to be opening acts.  Just about one or two; but I received a reality check when Santos brought out about 10 performers to warm-up the stage for Chip.  This wasn’t a bad thing, just rather lengthy.  I did get to see some friends of ours including Nero, Futuristic Lingo, Terry Urban, and Dot Da Genius all grace the stage though.

Lucky for us, Kid Cudi came out as a surprise guest to support his homie Chip which really lifted my spirits for the rest of the night.  They performed many songs that they’ve recorded together including “Hyyer” and “All Talk”.  The energy from the crowd was amazing, and the support shown from New York was incredible for Chip.  For more pictures from last night’s show, check out

Santos Party House
96 Lafayette Street.
New York, NY 10013
United States of America


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