BadHabits “B.L.E.M.” T-Shirt

We’ve got a sneak peak at BadHabits Clothing new release for their second storyline season. Each shirt is connected and part of a story season and this will be the shirt to kick-off the second. As usual with BadHabits these are limited to only 50 produced and individually numbered. “B.L.E.M.” is a word heavily used in the Greater Toronto Area that people use after some high times. “Being Lifted Every Minute” can also mean being in good spirits or having confidence, take it how you want. The BadHabits “B.L.E.M.” tees release this Friday on BadHabits online store.


3 Responses to “BadHabits “B.L.E.M.” T-Shirt”

  1. The B.L.E.M t-shirt looks brilliant. The 50 shirts are going to be sold so fast though! Has anyone managed to grab one?

  2. yeaa its up in the BadHabits store i hear about 10 sold already in just 2 days and the release is 2mrw

  3. the womens sizes are still available though!

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