YMCMB Yacht Party [Video]

On August 19th, 2010, Birdman and the Cash Money / Young Money crew took to the waters of Miami, FL for a yacht party, YMCMB style!  Check the video to see a who’s who of celebrity guests.


8 Responses to “YMCMB Yacht Party [Video]”

  1. Yo That Was Awesome Dude ! Young Money ! Cash Money !
    I want to know what are the titles of songs in the video ??

  2. Hey Yo ! The Songs In The Video Are So Cool .. I wanna Know the’re Titles Please….

  3. Eeeeeeeeh! s’up guyz?? i see it waz very show on da beach of the Miami !!!! i like all of ya YMCMBillionaires

  4. Keep it up am on ya side 4ever Guyz

  5. fredrick Says:

    nice video guyz i see show on da miami beach

  6. guys u are rocking all over the world

  7. God bless on what u ar doin' guyz!haaaaaa Says:

    much lov 2 u.100$ mills 4rever aaaaaaih!

  8. You see,More niggars chilling around.and its cool and hot….

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