Review: Sneaker Crowns

While at MAGIC, we stopped by our friend Guillermo’s booth who is the owner of Sneaker Crowns.  Although, they are fairly new to the industry they have been making some big waves.  Their patent pending sneaker accessories have sparked tremendous interest in both the fashion and music world and with sneakerheads.  They already have a store in Los Angeles located on Fairfax Ave. which had a who’s who of the industry attend at their grand opening including Nick Tershay from Diamond Supply Co. and Anwar Washington from Peas & Carrots Intl.  Guillermo discussed with us some plans for the future with expanding the brand to include jewellery and other accessories as well as other plans he has for the shop.  Thanks again for blessing us with a few pieces.  These are by far some of the most detailed pieces of jewellery that we have ever come across.  Most of the pieces that they create are available in multiple colourways and soon in various sizes.  Each piece is three dimensional and when you fasten the clasps it forms the Sneaker Crowns logo.  What’s most amazing about all of the pieces is that they are all designed by Guillermo himself.  For more information or to purchase check out their website or visit their retail store.

Four Two Four On Fairfax
424 N. Fairfax Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90036
United States of America


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