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Soulja Boy Twitter Beefs Fabolous!

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Soulja Boy Twitter beefs Fabolous and the clip shows the exact words. Soulja Boy going in deeper than he should, especially versus Fab.

Click the link to see the video.


Ed Lover – C’mon Son 17 [Video]

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Ed Lover is at it again with another hilarious YouTube episode from his C’mon Son  web series.  Ed Lover goes in on Paris Hilton, people who looks crazy, Soulja Boy and Kat Stacks, and a Twitter Trending Topic #BrianPumperJewels.  Check out the feature from Fabolous. 🙂

Steve Liriks – 2010 MTV VMA Best Breakout LA Artist Nominee

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The Goodie Bag is proud to announce that associate and homie, Steve Liriks, will be performing and competing against 2 other acts in this year’s 2010 MTV VMA Best Breakout LA Artist showcase presented by MTV and Time Warner Cable. This is the official kick-off VMA Friday Night Pre-Party Event! Liriks will also be backed up by his label mates, The Specialists. If you haven’t already, please visit Liriks’ site and cop Lazy Boy Syndrome. Here is his latest video that may air on MTV networks should be win!!

The Hundreds New York Announcement

Posted in Clothing, News, Retail Stores with tags , , , , on August 24, 2010 by The Goodie Bag

After much speculation and internet chatter, The Hundreds have officially announced their New York store location opening.  Although The Hundreds did make note of a new location and upload pictures of their work-in-progress in the past, they have just recently uploaded this photo to please their New York fans.  No word of an official opening date as of yet, but stay tuned for more information as it becomes available.

Wiz Khalifa Declines Tour With Drake

Posted in Music, News with tags , , , , on August 23, 2010 by The Goodie Bag

The Pittsburgh emcee respectfully elected to remain on his own tour.  On Thursday, August 19th, 2010 Drake told fans through UStream that he hoped to have Wiz Khalifa on his upcoming Light Dreams And Nightmares Tour.  However, due to the fact that Wiz’s “Waken Baken” Tour begins at the same time, the Pittsburgh emcee has to decline.

“Just the fact of cuz even extending his hand and me being on his radar is tight, to me”, Wiz said in a brief interview with  “It just lets me know that I’m doin’ what I need to be doin’ as far as stayin’ relevant and stayin’ poppin’.  But I think to keep me poppin’ and keep me relevant I gotta stay buildin’ on top of what I’m doin’ and what I been doin’.  No disrespect to cuz or anybody else who might wanna see me doing some more collaborative things, but to keep buildin’ and keep my brand as strong as what it is, I gotta keep focusin’ on what it is.  This is my first tour that I got comin’ up, the Waken Baken tour, I gotta at least kick that off and make that what it is so we can do ten more.”

Khalifa joked that when he could make 10 million off of tour like Drake reportedly did last year, he would go on tour with him.

“I really want to meet him and chop it up with him,” said Wiz Khalifa of Drake.  “I wanna meet him, chop it up, smoke one with him and who knows what could happen.  But it’s all positive right now.”

The Waken Baken Tour begins on Thursday, September 16th at Philadelphia’s Trocadero Theatre.

American Apparel Crash!

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The huge and very popular Los Angeles-based clothing brand / retailer American Apparel is suffering from a very steep sales and manufacturing slump. They are also defaulting on a lot of their loans and might have to close down some shops to stay in business. If this happens the company might only have the liquidity to stay in business for the next 12 months.

Hollywood Holt Video (Mixtape Promo) [Video]

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Here’s a new video (Deep Cover Freestyle) just released for Hollywood Holt’s new mixtape These  Are The Songs That Didn’t Make the Album But Are Still Cold As Hell, So Shut the F*&Ck Up! mixtape. It will be hittin’ the information highway next week August 28th! The Official Hollywood Holt Mixtape Release Party will be @ Beauty Bar (Chicago) on August 29th.

Check out the cameo appearances by Rockie Fresh and Million $ Mano.