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Flatground Case Study [Video]

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This is a short film made by Kirk, starring Chad Tim Tim. On Aug 5th, this video installation was showcased at the Love & Guts art show in Costa Mesa, California. It’s a cool video. In the format of slow-motion abstract art.


KAWS Companion “Passing Through” Preview

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The exhibition will be presented at Hong Kong’s Harbour City in Tsim Sha Tsui.  This is the biggest Companion sculpture that KAWS has done yet.

Dee & Ricky x Russ & Reyn Limited Edition Prints

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Dee & Ricky have joined forces with their good friends Russ & Reyn to create some limited edition high-resuloution prints to spruce up your humble abodes ambience and appearance.

The prints speak for themselves and are limited to 50 a print sized at 18”x 24” and also bear the embossment of authenticity from Dee & Ricky and Russ & Reyn.

You can purchase yours at Hi Hello Hi Five Gallery.

SOURCE: Dee & Ricky | HypeBeast Blog

Gold Coin: Wave #1 Of The Stick Up! Toy

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The highly-anticipated release of Gold Coin’s first toy has finally arrived.  Having released just over an hour ago, most of these Stick Up! toys have already sold.  This first wave of the toy consists of 10 red versions.  Each figure is hand-numbered with an official Certificate of Authenticity.  Each C.O.A. will be signed by both the artist (THREE – Gold Coin) and the sculptor (END – Argonaut Resins).  Retail is $99.00 USD plus $11.00 USD for shipping.

SOURCE: Argonaut Resin Online Shop

Gold Coin Holiday 2009 Collection

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Gold Coin introduces us their fresh Holiday 2009 collection, which will keep you lookin’ fly for the rest of the year.  As usual the collection is limited edition with no more than 500 tees produced worldwide, so wherever you are it’ll be exclusive.  This collection also sees collaborations with designers such as Paper Monster and more.  Also, check out the 2 exclusive crewnecks through Gold Coin’s online store

Via: Format Mag

INTERVIEW: John Mooty (The Airtime Collection)

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The Airtime Collection #1

The Airtime Collection #2

Hey, tell us a little information about yourself.  Who are you and where are you from.

My name is John Mooty and I am a senior at the University of Minnesota. I will be graduating this spring with majors in Marketing and Entrepreneurial Management so I have been very fortunate with the alignment of what I have learned and how it applies to creating and running Airtime. Although I do not have any official schooling in design, I have been able to teach myself everything I know up to this point.

What is life like up in Minneapolis?  As far as music, fashion, and popular culture.

From an outsider’s perspective, I feel like it is easy to dismiss the power of the Minneapolis scene. Although it may not stack up to the likes of LA or New York, it is an extremely tight knit and growing community with a lot of history as well as growing influences.

With the rise of solid local hip-hop artists and DJ’s, new events and initiatives by Twin Cities’ street wear shops, and overall support from the community, we have really been able to find a niche in a city that just needed a reason to be involved.


Tell us a little about The Airtime Collection and the people involved.

We really wanted to create something that looked simple on the exterior but had an extreme amount of depth when it came to the concepts and ideas that actually formed the brand.

Yes, we are a company that makes tees, sweatshirts, and hats but really those elements are just the medium we have chosen to get our message across. If you read the quote on the home page of our website taken from Edward Murrow’s Box and Wires Speech (, you can clearly see the parallels between old-time radio and the street wear industry. 

I do all of the artwork but I am not the only one who comes up with the ideas. My close friends are one of the biggest reasons why this concept has so much depth. Through our conversations, ideas, and past experiences, we can each bring unique angles to the table. Most importantly, we have fun doing it.


What are some of your favorite brands out right now?

I am a big fan of simplicity when it comes to brands. Also, I am a tall guy so fit is a determinant as well.  My top three favorite companies right now are Undefeated, The Award Tour, and Supreme. I pull influence from many places but watching these three are huge when it comes to setting my own game plan.

What new upcoming events or releases are you currently working on?

We are waiting on our Fall/Winter release right now, which honestly has been a pain as far as production. Our printer has run into more problems than you can imagine so we are playing the waiting game that I, myself am not too good at.

We also just released a mixtape with featuring many up and coming artists from all over the country so I am very excited to let people see the music that directly influences our company.

Last, new hat samples, events, and collaborations are in the works so we have both short and long term things to look forward to…which is nice.

What would you say are the most difficult aspects or being in your line of work?

I am a very trusting and positive individual so in my early stages of running a business, this has been a double-edged sword. On one hand, I bring a light hearted and open mind to all points of operation while on the contrary; people have taken my kindness for weakness and in turn, attempt to take advantage of it.

The fashion and music worlds are often tied together…What music artists out right now are grabbing your attention.

This is definitely true in terms of street wear. Honestly, I listen to everything on the map from CCR to Al Green to Sublime, but in terms of what I listen to on a consistent basis right now I would say A Tribe Called Quest, Nero, Kid Cudi, and Wu-Tang. These guys are so incredible and timeless that it never gets old.

The Airtime Collection #3

The Airtime Collection - The March Of Time

Deadstock Ric Interview

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The Goodie Bag caught up with world-renown sneaker collector and entrepreneur, Deadstock Ric.

Hey, tell us a little information about yourself.   Who are you and where are you from.

 Hey wass up, names’ Ric’ A.K.A. Deadstock Ric and I am from New York reppin’ Brooklyn.  I run an online sneaker company thru the social networking site MySpace, specializing in vintage sneakers and items, also do consignment with kids in the New York area.  I have done 3 sneaker events, 2 club events and one on a boat. 
What is life like up in NYC? As far as music, fashion, and popular culture.

 Its amazing out here, we set all the trends for what goes on around the country in my opinion.  Music, fashion and popular culture is a lifestyle for many.  How you wear ya clothes, what you wear, what you listen to.  Everyone has their own style out here and are not afraid to step out the box, which is dope about the NY scene.  The best part about fashion and music in NY is that in each borough there is a different sense of style and way of life.. NY is really unique for that.
Tell us a little about Dead Stock Kicks and the people involved.

 We are an online sneaker company; we work off MySpace and sneaker forums.  We sell vintage sneakers and clothing, throw events and really for the people.  We do a lot of stuff with up and coming brands and just live our life thru the sneaker culture.  We got a small team where everyone plays a role within the company.  Some sell sneakers, some work with the events.  It’s a good mix and balanced in a way that everyone does what they feel comfortable doing within the company.
What are some of your favorite brands out right now?

I love the UpScene clothing movement, their designs are sick and a lot of growth is to come of them. I will always wear my Stussy, 10.DEEP, and RockSmith.  I always look out for those guys.  I am also very close with the GoodWood brand, the whole concept of jewellery made out of wood is so dope and the people behind it are amazing.  I gotta show love to Flud watches, Don’t Question Kings, Dirty Jax, Pugzee and SoleFood NYC. There are many more and if I missed you guys, MY BAD!!!
What new upcoming events or releases are you currently working on?

I work with an unsigned artist so we have come together and started a company called “City Of Dreams”, so we are going to be throwing concerts and networking parties in the city.  Our first event was the CAUSE 3rd Annual NYC Celebration Concert in the city on Saturday, September 5th.  You can check him out over on MySpace,

We are going to take it one step at a time and have fun with it.  Look out for a lot to come in the fall and the new year.
What would you say are the most difficult aspects or being in your line of work?

Straight up, it’s a risk.  To put everything on the line for an outcome.  But, then again that’s life. 

 Deadstock Ric #1

Deadstock Ric #2

Deadstock Ric #3

Deadstock Ric #5