INTERVIEW: Gary Hughes (Deuce Brand)

We had the opportunity to interview entrepreneur Gary Hughes and gained some insight on the Deuce Brand.  Deuce Brand watches are definitely something new and fresh to include in your wardrobe.

Please tell us about the concept of having a brand name entitled Deuce.

#2 was the number that I wore throughout my sports career.  Deuce also relates to tennis – When you are going to win a set or match it is called Deuce.  Deuce is also now known in the Urban World as throwing the peace sign.  I wanted to bring the combination of sports, my personal life, and the urban world into one.

What does The Goodie Bag mean to you?

The Goodie Bag to me means something that is given to another person as a gift.  It is special and always brings a smile to the individuals face.

Describe some of the challenges of being an entrepreneur.  How do you stay motivated?

I have been a self-motivated person all my life.  I wake up each day ready to attack because I know that there is going to be something different thrown my way when I get out of bed.  Any entrepreneur will tell you that running your own business is a roller coaster.  You must stay focused and surround yourself with a great team!

What new projects, collaborations, or events will you be involved in this year?

This year we are doing a number of different events.  We have already attended the Grammy’s, NAACP Awards, Kids Choice Awards, and the MTV Movie Awards.  We have attended several major trade shows including MAGIC, ASR, JCK Jewelry Show, and the International Licensing Expo.  We are also launching a collaboration watch with Susan G. Komen.  We are introducing the Pink Ribbon Watch in July!

Name some factors that you believe are the reasons as to why Deuce Brand watches have been successful in such a short amount of time.

We have put an extreme focus on marketing and distribution.  Our watch is not your every day watch.  It is very unique due to the shape and silicone band material.  It is really the first of its kind.  We have been working with numerous athletes, celebs, and musicians to promote our watch.  It has really helped us catapult to the next level.

Please explain how the formation of the wrist brand watches came about?

I have always worn the social awareness band (Live Strong, baller bands, etc.) and wanted to take the band aspect and combine a watch.  We felt that it is a very simple concept but no one has ever taken the initiative to develop the technology.

In sports, name two athletes you consider to be the greatest of all time.

Muhammad Ali and Michael Jordan.

Buy Deuce Brand watches at for a low price of $20.00 USD.  Please also check out the Deuce Brand Blog at for more details about the company.


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